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 S4 League Updates

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S4 League Updates Empty
PostSubject: S4 League Updates   S4 League Updates EmptyTue Apr 07, 2009 10:49 am

Quote :
April 1st Patch

Huge Update! The April patch is no joke.

First off, a "new" weapon, the Handgun is now available for purchase, costing 33,000 PEN. The Handgun has not undergone any changes from it's beta release, with the exception of an added sound effect when firing.

Next up, a new stage! Temple-M is an eastern temple themed touchdown map. Consisting of two 3 story dojo-like structures and an open garden in the center. This map brings an interesting new flavor to the game.

As well as these, two new clothing sets have been released. The "Net Sphere Pirate" and "Eastern Girl" can be purchased for the regular AP rates (Sorry, no PEN). Also as a free bonus, 3 bunny accessories have been temporary given to everyone who registered before the patch. These bunnies follow you around in the action looking adorable.

Also on the update, the Free-2 lobby has returned. Now you have two lobbies to find games in! Valentines Day Clothing and Gauss Rifle have been added to the Fumbi Shop. SMG/Semi/Gauss Rifle reload times have also been reduced.

That's about it for this patch. Have fun!

Hand Gun 5hr Testing

S4 League Hand Gun TestFor balancing tests we need your opinion about the next weapon for S4 League. That’s why we implement the “Hand Gun” at 12.03.2009 for a Beta Test.

After solving the license test successfully, the Hand Gun will appear in your inventory for 5 hours. Please test the weapon and post your suggestions and comments in the forum. Based on your feedback we will implement the full weapon to the shop as soon as possible.

Enjoy and thanks for your feedback!
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S4 League Updates
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